No batch input data for screen SAPMH5A0 5000 Message no. 00344

I was trying to upload some relationships data using Transaction code “PP01” and i’ve got that error “No batch input data for screen SAPMH5A0 5000 Message no. 00344” . After many many trials recreating the LSMW program and rerecording i decided to do a very quick search on that error and that was what i have found.

  • While executing the upload program i found the relationship infotype is not being selected and that was the main cause for the error (as shown below) :


So I have to use an alternative screen which gives me the ability to enter the infotype (1001- Relationship)  as a code not by selection as you do it in Tcode “pp01”.

  • That’s why i used Transaction code “PP02” to record the program and that perfectly solved my problem.

Done !


How to count duplicated values in Excel?

  1. Take copy of column with duplicated data.
  2. Paste it anywhere.
  3. From Data Menu, Select the column you have just pasted and select remove duplicates.
  4. In another column start to type the below formula :

=COUNTIF(Range of duplicated data, Criteria of counting which in this case you will select the first cell in the column with removed duplications).

Here is a live sample:



  • In Cell C2 write this IF condition : =COUNTIF(A:A,B2)

Done !