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Today’s My Beloved Site Anniversary ,I’m so happy and wish i continue blogging for the rest of my life and be helpful to visitors who seeks quality information.



SAP Tricks #2

Hi Guys, 

This is a simple way to streamline searching for employees in SAP HCM PA30/PA20  and all Reports.

* In the Personnel Number Field type these shortcuts to :

  • Search with First Name and Last Name : =n.Lastname.Firstname or =LastName.FirstName 
  • Search With FirstName : =n.*.FirstName
  • Search With LastName =n.LastName or =LastName

Examples :

  • If you want to search for employee name Sarah Mohammed ,all you need to type is =Mohammed.sarah or =n.Mohammed.Sarah
  • If you have only the Last Name ,then leave the first name Empty by typing  =n.Mohammed or =Mohammed
  • If you have only the First Name ,then type it like =n.*.FirstName or =*.sarah


To be continued … 

SAP Tricks #1

Hi Guys ,

I will give you table of most popular and famous SAP shortcuts and Tricks , Here you go :

Command Description
/n Exit any tcode and go to the main SAP screen
/nend  Close all sessions and logoff
/bend  Cancel a batch input foreground process
/n+Tcode  Call the transaction Tcode in the same session . Ex./npa30
/o  Generate a session list
/o+tcode  Open a transaction tcode in an new session
/i  Close the current session
/h  Turn the debug mode on
/nex Exit SAP
CTRl+Y copy any text from the screen

Please share any shortcuts or tricks you Know.

To be continued …