Payroll has not been run successfully for all personnel numbers

Hi guys,

Every HCM Consultant has faced the below error while dealing with Payroll Exit . I will discuss today easy way to select all personnel with an errors so instead of copying and pasting from  “Incorrect Personnel .no” icon Incorrect Personnel .no , you just can select them all at once in payroll driver or at any report using SAP Matchcode W .


Payroll Control Record- Incorrect Personnel No.List


1- Simply open your payroll driver (pc00_m99_calc) for international driver or use your country specific payroll driver tcode.

2- Click on “Search Help ” button.

International Payroll Driver – Search Help 

3- Select “W – Payroll Correction run” .


4- Click “continue” or press Enter.


5- Select your schema and run the payroll , System will automatically execute personnel with “Correction run” flag who stopped you from Exiting the payroll.


If you need more information about SAP Match-codes Click Here



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