How to Translate SAP Infotype Screen

  1.    Run transaction PA30/PA20, take your infotype, click on the field, choose F1, check technical details: program name, field name and screen.
  2.  Run Screen Painter SE51, choose a program with screen number. Usually program name for infotype is MP000100 (for infotype 0001) and screen number 2000.
  3.  Show lauout of your screen and next double click on the field. You should see window with Atributes. Check if your field has choosen “From dict.” If yes you have to translate data element if not you have to translate screen painter text.
  4.  Run transaction SE63 translation. Choose Translation\ABAP Object\ Short Text\ [S3] ABAP Texts\SCRT Screen Painter Texts.

–          In the Object field inter the following Object name : MP900500                                2000


Which path to choose depands on point 3. Then in first case you have to enter name of the data element or progam name and screen number. Then you have to choose from language to language. I think that in your case you should choose English->English.
5. Change or translate your field names from orginal to target. Save

7. To include the changes in a request use program RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER


8. Don’t forget to activate the screen in order to make the changes affect.