■The following error text was processed in the system HR2 : Die URL enthält keine vollständige Domainangabe (saphr2 statt saphr2..).

While i was trying to connect to SAP ECC via NWBC i received the error appear in the below pic :
Error while logging through NWBC

the following site was very helpful :

The main problem is your server doesn’t have a domain , so first you have to join your server to a domain , then add the parameter of “icm/host_name_full” with the modified domain value



Connecting to SAP ECC via SAP NWBC v.1

1- First of all you have to setup the nwbc.exe file from the following url : http://service.sap.com/swdc
2- to Connect to your SAP ECC system do the following steps :
1) Click: System – > Preferences – > Add
2) Enter Name of the system
3) Type of system: PORTAL (SAP Enterprise Portal) or ERP (ABAP also known as ECC)
4) Protocol: HTTP/HTTPs; Check transaction SMICM -> Goto -> Services in system which is to be connected.
5) Host name. Check transaction SMICM ->Goto -> Services.
6) Port number. Check transaction SMICM -> Goto -> Services.
7) Path specification in the ICF services. Check transaction SICF for node /sap/bc/nwbc/
8) System client
9) System language
10) User name in system

Note: After doing the previous settings you have to make sure that your service has been activated and tested successfully.
while you test your service if it didn’t work successfully try to replace the server host with the server IP.

for more information visit the following link : http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70ehp2ru/helpdata/en/31/8dd113b8ba4832aeaafb4b756e1eed/frameset.htm

the following site has been helped me a lot :