SAP Servers don’t appear while login into BW

While working with crystal reports , i needed to login to BW server in order to select the query i’ve created.

Unfortunately i didn’t find any server , although all the servers appear at the SAP GUI and i can access them normaly.

The solution to this problem may be one of the following :

1- Check that your saplogon.ini is exist at the windows folder, if not then search your computer for the saplogon.ini file and paste it in windows folder.

2- Right click on your computer – > Properties -> advanced -> then choose environment variables

in the top area ” User Variable for (user_name)” , add the following  variable

Variable name : SAPLOGON_INI_FILE

variable value : C:\Users\(user_name)\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common

In the below area (System variables)

Choose Variable name : Path then select “Edit”

in the variable value add the following path :

;C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common (the same value at the top section)

Then press Ok.

Hope it works fine with you ISA.



Error Group – RFC_ERROR_PROGRAM – Message(Ent)

While i was trying to connect to the Query Designer (SAP BW 3.x) using SAP GUI720 , i was getting this error :

Error Group

Finally, Thanks to Allah i’ve found the following solution on SAP SDN :

Go to query designer, In the Login Screen, Click on the System -> Server
Here check the details of your System, Host and System Number
Fill in the correct details and try again.

I found that the system number has been changed although i didn’t change it and it was working since one hour , anyway hope this will be helpful ISA.